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Who do I call for…

  • Police Department? Emergency 911 or (802) 868-4100
  • A Dog License? Town Office at (802) 868-4421
  • A Building Permit? Zoning at the Town Office (802) 868-3325
  • A Birth Certificate, Marriage License or Death Certificate? Town Office at (802) 868-4421
  • A Burn Permit? Fire Warden, Jon Barrette at (802) 868-3327
  • New Electrical Service? Village Office at (802) 868-3397
  • Delinquent Taxes? Betty Cheney at (802) 310-0522
  • Copy of a Tax Bill? If you live in the Village – (802) 868-3397, if you live in the Town – (802) 868-4421
  • Water and Wastewater Allocation? Village Office at (802) 868-3397
  • Copy of a Deed? Town Office at (802) 868-4421
  • Lister’s Office? Town Office at (802) 868-2232
  • Animal Control? Jim Benson at (802) 238-3246
  • Health Officer? Amber LaFountain at (802) 324-7674
  • Notary Services? Town Office at (802) 868-4421 or Village Office at (802) 868-3397

Voting Questions & Answers

FAQ: What do Swanton Village residents vote on and what do Swanton Town residents vote on:

Swanton Village voters will vote on a Village Ballot and a Town Ballot (because the Village is situated within the Town). The Village Ballot will consist of the Village President, Clerk, Trustees, Delinquent Tax Collector, general fund, the police department, the fire department and the highway department. There could also be articles about surplus funds, etc. but all articles will pertain just to Swanton Village.

Swanton Village voters will also vote a Town Village ballot which consists of Moderator, Selectpersons, Listers, Library Trustees, Cemetery Commissioners, etc. Every Swanton voter gets to vote on these positions. The other Village/Town ballot questions consists of the general fund, the Swanton Public Library, Missisquoi Valley Rescue, the Swanton Recreation Department, and all allocations that support programs such as Franklin County Home Health, senior centers, food shelfs, Foster Grandparent programs, etc. These allocations are things that all Swanton taxpayers help support. To see the full list of all allocations they are listed in the Town Report.

Town voters will only vote a Town ballot which will have all the same Articles except for highway department, police coverage and fire coverage. Every Swanton voter pays the same for fire protection but not the same for police protection. Swanton Village voters pay for a full-time (24/7) police department whereas Swanton Town voters only pay for a police contract for a certain number of hours for coverage. If you have any questions, please call the Village office at 802-868-3397.