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Public Works

The Public Works Department takes care of the Village streets and sidewalks, parks and the water and wastewater infrastructure.

Dean Ryan

Public Works Foreman

New Insertion Valve on Middle Road

The Swanton Village Public Works crew were busy on Tuesday installing a new insertion valve on the Middle Road. This will allow them to safely shut down the water line in case of a break.

On Monday the 16th, The Public Works Department completed a scheduled shutdown of the water line on Grand Avenue to replace a leaking 6” gate valve. The date was selected in coordination with the School District to avoid loss of service to the elementary school on a school day. The benefits of the project are a resolved leak and increased system flexibility. Now, smaller sections of the system can be shut down for repairs with fewer customers affected.   The Village Public Works Department is continuing to improve the infrastructure serving the community.   This type of pro-active planning is good for the system and good for the community.  

Customers will be notified of other upcoming projects this year including:

  • Middle Road leak repair
  • Elm Street insertion valve installation
  • Industrial Park insertion valve installation near Babbie Blvd

Questions- contact Dean Ryan 802-868-3397

Replacing Valves

The Swanton Village Public Works crew have been busy working on replacing valves on  Elm Street and Blake Street.

Public Works Crew: Mike Boucher, Gary Bouchard, Gary Longe, Andre Fontaine, and Matt Depatie.