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History of the Swanton Village Police Department

1888 through the 1960’s police officers were called Watchmen. C.L. Ward appointed to Chief in 1898 and the officers received $12.00 a month. A cruiser was purchased in 1944, Swanton Electric used it during the day. The chief worked 8:00PM to 4:00AM and was on call at all times.

In 1951 two way communication with Immigration Border Patrol was in place. For years there was a red light attached to a building on Merchant’s Row to inform the officer if he had a complaint waiting. Mr. Chevalier would take calls and turn on the red light and give the officer the information. 1952, Truman Bosworth attended the State Police Academy at Montpelier. He was the first Village Police Officer to attend Police training.

In 1955 the cruiser was painted bright red to make it easily recognized. In 1961 a cruiser was purchased for sole use by the Police Department.

In 1962 a revolver was purchased for use by on duty officers and remained in the police department when no officers were on duty. In 1969 a second full time officer was hired. In 1977 the Police Dept. consisted of three full time and two part time officers. In 1998 a fourth full time officer was appointed to the Police Department.